Imagine you’re having trouble getting the right tone for your About page. You know your website needs to be updated but you can’t make the time to do it. People have been asking you for a blog for years, but your writing skills aren’t where you’d like or you don’t understand keywords and SEO.

Cornacopia Marketing can help! My experience of developing copy and writing for both small businesses and Fortune 500 companies gives me the background to develop a plan that could help you increase sales!

If you’re ready to get started, schedule a FREE 15-minute consultation so we can get started.

Cornacopia Marketing is currently not accepting new clients until March, 2021. If you’d like to get on the waiting list to be contacted when we open our client list back up, please visit our Contact page and fill out the form.

Website Copy

If you’re having problems talking about yourself on your About page, have been meaning to update your Home page copy or are just starting out – I can help.

We’ll work together to write copy for your target customer and make sure your page is easy to understand and navigate. It doesn’t matter how few or many pages need some copy attention; every page of your site is important.


  • Rework old or out of date content
  • Create new copy for your website


Blogging helps establish you as an expert in your field. It also provides a way to keep people on your site, educate customers and have a steady stream of content for your Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.

If you’ve considered blogging but haven’t gotten around to it, I can ghostwrite for your brand to keep you up to date. In addition to blogging, I’ll also use tools to determine the best keywords for the blog to help with SEO and provide fully licensed images to use when you post. I’ve been blogging for businesses for over 5 years and can help.

All businesses should be blogging, but it’s especially essential to small businesses trying to establish their brand and get in front of their competition. Don’t put this simple but efficient tool aside any longer.  

Marketing Consulting

Looking for advice on how to appeal to a wider audience? With over 15 years’ experience working in marketing with companies including Microsoft and Whole Foods Market, I understand what it takes to get your business in front of new eyes.

I will look at your website, social media channels and advertising to see where there’s room for improvement and what needs tweaking. I’ll also provide suggestions on what to do to improve your marketing, even if it’s something we can’t help you with.

Perfect for personal bloggers looking for assistance and small companies that don’t have their own internal Marketing department.


  • One-time consultation – includes a .pdf report with observations and suggestions (includes 30 min call at end of consultation to review)
  • Work on one project
  • Monthly retainer to be available for any questions or needs that come up


“A potential client recently commented during our video chat that I had a great personality….but that it didn’t show up on my website About Page. What an eye opener! Like many people, I can say great things about my clients but find it harder to write about myself. Enter Marcea! She took my words and made them flow together in my “voice.” She helped me to feel comfortable about sharing my accomplishments and put them in a structure to present a professional bio that reflects my energy and enthusiasm as well as my skills. Who knows how much potential business I lost for being, well, a bit dull on the page?

Marcea is easy to work with and turned around my bio in just a few days. I highly recommend her for all entrepreneurs and business leaders who need to bring their essence to life on the page.”

Michelle LaRue, Founder and CEO at SonjaBlue Marketing

“Marcea is a fantastic creative writer and skilled resource in Search Engine Optimization, and my business has benefitted from her assistance several times over the past year. She’s smart, fast and well-versed in digital marketing with skills that apply to current best practices in the real world. Marcea is equally proficient at helping a small but growing business like mine, as well as serving as a team member for a much larger company’s marketing efforts. Whenever she works on a project for me, I know Marcea’s end product will be of the highest quality. If available, I will work with her again and again.”

Jon Bailey, Founder of 62ΛBOVE Marketing

“Marcea helped me update copy on my website and was instrumental in helping me make sure my website conveys my brand, my message, and my work. Thank you Marcea.”

Michelle Tripp, Founder + Principal at HipCat Media

“Marcea is a superstar and a joy to work with! She is a team player, very creative and an excellent communicator and writer. At Dimmitt Chevrolet, she worked closely with upper management on new ideas and execution of projects.

I highly recommend her services to businesses wanting to grow their social media platforms and local community branding. If you want outside-the-box solutions, a motivated and hands-on leader, and an all around marketing and social media genius, Marcea is it.”

Liz Dimmitt, Partner at Dimmitt Chevrolet, Clearwater, FL